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Earlier Flying Standby meant that the traveler could show up at the airport without a ticket and attempts to purchase a discounted seat on an undersold flight but with airlines turning more stern with their booking norms and ticketing technologies used for filling up its flight seats has made fly standby without a ticket is nearly impossible. Depending upon the reasoning and circumstances, the traveler may be able to take an earlier or later flight, avail a better seating in an upgraded class or fly to another airport in destination city.

For travelers wondering how to fly for cheap, it has become imperative to be known to an airline employee as a relative, friend or family member. A traveler’s frequent flyer status with an airline increases priority for securing the standby flight tickets. The traveler may be able get a ticket for a flight of a different time schedule provided the details for itineraries are the same. Due to strict airport security and airlines objective to fill all flight inventories, it has become extremely tough to get standby tickets by just entering the airport without a ticket as it compromises security protocols and jeopardizes the safety of travelers. The travelers can’t just approach and wait at the ticketing counter expecting a cheaper ticket hoping an undersold flight would come along. The ticket may be sold at a cheaper rate. Considering the safety measures it has become difficult to even enter the airport with no valid ticket unless the traveler is known to an airline employee or is a relative or a family member. 

But if a traveler has a ticket and wishes to catch a flight at an earlier time, he or she may be able to board that particular flight. Flying Standby via flightseticket helps travelers cut short the waiting time considerably at the airport and reach early at their destination. 

Flying Standby requires travelers to follow certain tips on flying standby or get an upgrade on your existing tickets or to catch an early flight. The travelers seeking standby tickets should get to the airport early. Travelers with inexpensive tickets may not be able to fly standby on a different flight at all. A customer support agent of a particular airline can be approached at the airport to discuss the possibilities of making alterations or changes to flight booking. The agent will inform about the provisions of travelers by which they can avail of the standby tickets. The agent will either assist the travelers to get a confirmed ticket for another flight to travelers destination or would help travelers get a last-minute seat on a different flight. At times, travelers may be able to get good seats on a first-come, first-serve basis. It is advised that the travelers should request standby as the standby flight tickets are provided according to timelines of flights scheduled departure. The earlier the request made, the higher are the chances of getting standby flight tickets via flights ticket. Travelers registered with a loyalty program or having purchased an expensive ticket can waive off the fees levied for getting a standby ticket. Depending upon the reasoning of the traveler he or she will most probably be accommodated in another flight scheduled at an earlier time than the original ticketed time. 

At times, to get standby flight the traveler is charged fee or difference between your original ticket and the price of the newly opted seat. Travelers should only carry a handbag as airlines do not allow travelers won’t allow flying standby when luggage is already checked and travelers do not have to worry about their luggage being misplaced or lost. The subscription to the loyalty reward program will let travelers can wait in a great lounge while waiting to fly standby. In order to avoid any violation of ticketing or booking policy as airlines have different policies and terms against how to fly for cheap practices. 

Travelers can only fly standby if they already have a ticket and the flight is canceled or the traveler was involuntarily bumped from the original flight. The traveler can get standby tickets if they wish to catch an earlier or later flight with the same itinerary. In present times, expecting standby tickets usually comes with an extra cost. Many airlines do not permit flying standby and will allow travelers to board the flight available at the earliest. 

How to Fly Standby?

Reconfirm with respective airlines about how much does it cost to fly standby. All airline standby policies vary but generally requires payment of a nominal fee. 

Popularly, the same-day standby for select cities is offered by Alaska Airlines and Jetblue whereas American Airlines, United, Delta, and Frontier, offers complimentary same-day standby provision to frequent flyer members. Alaska Airlines allows travelers to fly standby depending on the destination and ticket bought. To fly standby the travelers are required to request to fly standby when checking online or at the airport. The traveler will be further instructed to reach the departure gate early but the traveler should be patient enough to wait till the end by flight departure timing. 

How much does it cost to fly standby?

Allegiant Air provides its travelers an option to buy Trip Flex, the provision allowing travelers to change their itinerary once by waiving the $75 standby flying cost. Through trip flex, the traveler can change the dates, place of arrival or flight. Trip Flex can only be used to make a change at no extra charge but travelers are responsible for the price difference in airfare. American Airlines offers complimentary same-day standby for passengers with American Airlines AAdvantage Executive Platinum, Platinum Pro, Platinum or Gold status or Oneworld Emerald, Sapphire, or Ruby status and up to eight companions in the same record. The airlines also allow travelers with Airpass membership, First and Business Class MilesAAver award tickets and AAnytime award tickets may also be able to fly standby. For military personnel, the airline offers complimentary standby travel. Passengers with no such memberships are charged a fee of $75 for standby.    

Delta also provides a provision of complementary (and voluntary) standby to its Diamond, Platinum and Gold Medallion members when there are no seats in the original ticketed paid cabin available via the same-day confirmed flight change on Delta or Delta Connection flights within the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Same-day flight changes may be permitted only if the standby request is made within 24 hours prior to the departure of the original flight. 

For other travelers, Delta charges a fee of $75 for standby flights. United fees also may be as high as $75 and basic economy tickets are not eligible for standby.

Frontier allows Elite members of airline’s frequent flyer program ‘EarlyReturns’ to take fly standby at no extra charge on any earlier or later flight on the same day of travel whereas it charges a $99 fee for standby flights for other passengers. 

Spirit Airlines allows its passenger to fly standby on an earlier flight on the same day of scheduled flight by charging $99 fee. 

Southwest Airlines allows passengers with Business Select or Anytime fares to fly standby on the actual date of travel at no additional cost. The passengers are required to pay only the extra charges of applicable taxes and fees. For travelers with Wana Get Away and Senior fares must upgrade to an Anytime fare to able to fly standby. 

To fly standby the travelers should attempt when not many travelers are flying such as busy weekdays or regular days at times too early or too late timings to be able to see the best deal. The airline will make all attempt unless the airline has overbooked or delayed your flight, you should expect to pay a double-digit standby fee. 

Though its hard to gets hand on standby flights but below mentioned are some of the useful tips helping travelers to avail of flying standby tickets. 

Hot Tips to Flying Standby:

You usually need a ticket to fly standby

The travelers must be having a valid flight ticket to be able to request a flying standby. Due to security concerns, travelers are required to present valid airlines ticket for security clearance. If the traveler has a cheaper economy flight ticket, he or she might not be able to fly standby whereas a traveler with an expensive ticket may be having higher chances of getting cheaper flight tickets

The purchase of an expensive ticket helps in getting the standby tickets more easily as they may be entitled to certain perks and special privileges. 

Use an Airlines Buddy Pass 

Airlines Buddy Pass system will help travelers to avail specific benefits of flying standby.

The travelers knowing an airline employee as a friend or relative may entitle them to certain perks and advantages. Having a buddy pass gives travelers the advantage of connecting with reservation agents who can assist and help in the possibility of boarding a specific flight as per preferred timing. 

Buddy Pass will give the traveler an opportunity to avail special offers and promotions and increases the chances of getting flight changes as per preferred timing. Most of the travelers knowing an airline employee will be able to avail privileges of getting requests prioritized by airlines and getting prompt positive responses from airlines. 

Read booking policy

The travelers are advised to study the airlines policy on booking and reservation to be aware of important information. The careful consideration of directions specified in flight booking/ reservation policies will help travelers to avoid deliberate violation of booking/ reservation policy while making fresh bookings or changes to existing bookings.     

Use the airline’s official app

The Airlines official app will allow travelers to view the availability of seats on a particular flight on a real-time basis. Today’s modern innovative technologies have made it easier for airlines to provide accurate information that could help travelers plan their journey and flight schedules. Some airlines offer a dedicated app for selling standby tickets. Through the app, travelers can access the updates on booked and vacant seats on a particular flight. The app will provide real-time updates on flight airfare discounts and last-minute deals on bookings.

Join Airlines loyalty program   

The membership to the airlines frequent flyer program may help a traveler to get frequent standby flight tickets. The travelers may be able to fly standby and avail last-minute seats on a flight of choice. It is advised that travelers should be subscribed to airlines loyalty program to receive exclusive offers and be on the standby priority list for getting the last-minute standby ticket at the lowest rate.

Make bookings during off-peak times to get the best deal for booking a flight. There is a higher possibility of bookings during off-peak times and such bookings help travelers save big on flight tickets as they may be fewer travelers, directly affecting fares for specific flight bookings. Predictably the flight’s airfares are lower as compared to the holidays, weekends and during special occasions. The special privileges of a traveler through its membership of loyalty program may help in getting the last-minute tickets and track the availability of seats. 

Carry only-handbags 

The travelers are advised to pack their bags lightly as they’ll be needing light and handy bag while flying standby. To avoid the checking of baggage and chances of the baggage hold being full and baggage being on a later flight.

Travel by yourself

As it may be difficult for airlines to accommodate several travelers and provide last-minute standby tickets for multiple bookings, therefore, the travelers to travel by themselves and not in a group or with other travelers.

Get to the airport early

The travelers seeking to get the standby flights are advised to reach the airport at least 2 hours prior to the flight to fly standby as the chances are higher of getting an earlier flight. The travelers should inform the airline representative about the reason that led to the delay in reaching the airport on time for the airlines agents to mark the travelers on the list of standby.  

Reflect best behavior

It is expected that the travelers flying through buddy pass and seeking standby tickets should express their best behavior and manners. As the traveler is known to airline staff personnel, he may be judged on grounds of politeness and understanding. The travelers are expected to be presentable and courteous to airlines agents and employees.  

Accept change positively

It is suggested to travelers looking to get standby tickets as per the convenient timings, should be open to change and accept the same as flexibility with timings will let you reach your destinations before or on-time. The travelers are expected to be patient as the airlines staff makes final decisions depending upon certain factors. The travelers should be able to await decision over their request for flying standby as they may be accommodated in another flight depending upon seat availability.   

To get more information on changes to existing bookings or avail standby flight tickets, contact our 24/7 bookings & reservation desk. For queries related to flight cancellation and flying standby, travelers discuss the same at 1-800-201-4576.   

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