How can I get connecting on separate tickets to the same airline?

connecting on separate tickets same airline

If you are connecting on separate tickets on a different airline, then you know that you would have to carry your bags for the next part of your vacation. Although, this can be a much cheaper option for you, helping you save hundreds of dollars from airports that have on-going promotional offers. However, what many passengers do is that they try connecting on separate tickets to the same airline. The whole process of linking flight itineraries can be quite cumbersome, but somehow if you are able to get a bang for your buck, then it can enhance your experience. Layovers or stopovers can get you around new places. Can I check through baggage with separate tickets? Will I receive protection? Is travel insurance going to be helpful? A lot of questions might crop up and in this article, we have tried to compile the answers to some of the most common questions regarding buying plane tickets separately.

What do separate tickets on the same airlines mean?

For flight connections on the same airline but 2 different tickets, you might be able to get cheaper airfare. But, what do separate tickets mean when booking a flight? They are tickets booked under different booking reference numbers and separate PNRs. You would be receiving two different e-tickets for the same airline in your e-mail inbox.

What are the risks of booking the same airline but 2 different tickets?

There are certain risks involved in this process. On the first leg of your flight, if there is a delay of more than three hours then the airlines would compensate you with around €250 for short-haul flights. However, if you missed the flight on the second leg of your journey in this process, then you would have to book fresh tickets for trip completion.

If you had booked a single ticked for flying, then you would be getting on an alternative flight to your destination for the second part of your journey. An amount of €600 would be credited to you for delays of more than four hours on long-haul flights. This would be in accordance with EU 261/2004 law. If you had gotten separate tickets booked together under one PNR, even then you would receive the same protection. So, if you are flying on 2 different airline companies but have bought tickets under a single PNR or booking, then you would have all the compensation rights intact.

Avoiding separate tickets can be a strategy if you don’t want to face such problems. If you don’t, then for international flights connecting on separate tickets security check delays might happen. You might have to go through entry clearance in the country where you want to switch your airplane tickets. The airline would verify your entry clearance even for carry-ons and you might be denied to board the connecting flight if you’re unable to get the necessary authorization. If you have issues that can pop up, that you would not prefer.

One more issue that can crop up on separate tickets for international travel is that you might have to clear immigration and go through the entire customs process at the intermediate airport to get your luggage. If there are changes in the flying schedule of any of the flights, then you might not have enough time in hand to change your flight and this can lead you to miss a leg.

Another risk of booking a connection with separate flights under the same airlines is that you might not be able to check your bags on time. If you have checked your bags with an airline for the first leg, then it would be your responsibility to collect it and then take it to the next connecting flight. If the second flight is from another terminal, then you would have to exit the airport, travel to the other terminal and then board your flight. It can be quite a hassle.

Therefore, it is suggested that you get good travel insurance, after reading their wording carefully. Try to avoid buying such flight tickets, if the savings are not significant. If you do at all want to get connecting on separate tickets the same airline, then do consider the risk factors that it comes with and then make up your mind.

Would I be covered if I book the same airline tickets on different flights?

If the PNR of your reservations is different, then even though you might have gotten airplane tickets on the same airline, you would not receive any protection. You can reach out to the reservations helpdesk if you need assistance regarding linking your booking when connecting on separate tickets of the same airline. The checked baggage rules vary from airline to airline. While on some, you might be allowed relaxation if you missed your connecting flight but some might not give you any coverage for such delays. Generally, there is no protection in such cases.

How to get money back if you missed the connecting flight?

In case you missed the connecting flight after booking separate tickets on the same airline, then there might be some options that can help you out in such situations. There are also things that you can do before such a scenario gets created. If you are looking for options that can help you not miss your connecting flight then consider booking your inbound flight with a delay of around a day. If you have made significant savings by booking two same airline flight tickets separately, then you can spend some of that into booking a hotel at your intermediate destination. You get to explore a new place and then take the next leg of your journey after a delay. This would ensure that you are well-rested and the 24-hour delay would assure you that even if delays do happen when connecting on separate tickets the same airline, you do not miss your expensive flight.

While connecting on separate tickets the same airline, you can keep the long haul option as the first leg, while short-haul as the second leg. So that in case you miss the former, you would not be set back by a huge amount for re-booking your flight.

If you do not have time to stay at the stopover destination, then what you can do is book a flexible fare on flights. Although these can be slightly more expensive than the rigid ones, you can plan your onward flight without incurring extra costs, in case you miss the connecting leg of your trip.

Travel insurance for missed connections on separate tickets can be a very useful investment. Your insurance might reimburse you if you missed your onward journey due to delays on the first leg of your flight. However, some insurance policies might have a minimum stopover duration of around 6 hours or other terms and conditions attached to them like a minimum delay duration. For making a travel insurance claim, you would have to buy another ticket to complete your journey and then contact your travel provider for getting your money back.

Is booking open-jaw a good idea for avoiding separate tickets?

If you actually want to visit two cities or more, then you can take the help of open jaw flights. Open-jaw flights are nothing but flights that takes you from destination A to destination B, you arrange your own transportation to destination C and then take a flight back from there back to your home airport. You can book such flights by using the multi-city option when booking flights by using our services.

Interline flight tickets can be booked on a flight that has signed the interline agreement if you want to fly on codeshare partner airlines. Even a multi-carrier airplane ticket can get you tickets for two airlines with full protection against missed flights due to delays. For finding such flight tickets, you can reach out to the airlines reservation helpline or buy tickets from a legitimate travel agent.

These were some of the key points for connecting on separate tickets to the same airline. If you are still not sure about finding the perfect itinerary for making reservations, then you can feel free to reach out to our customer support executives. We are masters are booking tickets on the top airlines and are adept at handling all your queries regarding flight ticket booking, cancellation, and refunds. Apart from making reservations at the best deals and discounts, we also offer the lowest costs on flight tickets. For trying our premium ticketing services, you can call us on our magical number 1-800-201-4576.

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